Panorama Example


What is a panorama?

Got a space you want to show off? A 360 photo panoramic photograph allows users from around the world to explore your space. Panoramas can be linked up to produce a virtual tour that will look great on PC’s, tablets and smartphones. We use experienced photographers to shoot the images and hand-craft each individual 360 photo panorama. Once created we can add a range of additional features such as floor plans, audio, clickable pop up points to highlight detail or provide additional information with text, audio, photographs and even video.

Why wouldn't I just use my iPhone?

One of the most common questions we get asked is "Why can't I just use my iPhone/android smartphone to make my own panoramas?" The truth is you can but it is kind of like asking “Why can’t I use my iPhone to take all of my promotional photography?” The results will never be as good and getting it done professionally.

The iPhone 4S or 5, and many other newer smartphones, will take a series of photos and map them together to create a panorama. However the end result is often far from perfect and the panoramas tend to only work around the horizon meaning you can't see all the detail above or below. Also the final image is still flat and without any animation or control.

You can buy clip on lenses and special software to convert a series of iPhone images into a panorama but the quality is not great. The iPhone camera is fine in good light but take it indoors without a flash and the picture quality is pretty grainy especially when viewed on a computer monitor or high-resolution tablet. You would also have to take the time to learn new software and how to make it work online. All that for a task you should only need to do once if it is done right.

A 360 photo panorama is faster, cheaper (if you include your time) and better quality than anything you can create at home.

How can I use it?

We’ve created some examples of how estate agents, venue managers and hoteliers might want to use a 360 photo tour but the truth is the limit lies only with your imagination. Tours can be run from the web on any internet enabled device with a modern browser, or flash, or stored on a device and run the same way. This could allow you to have interactive behind the scenes tours in your lobby or entrance hall and online, add audio to your tour to create a fully guided tour of a space or even create a virtual multimedia exhibition space using pop-ups within a tour. Have a look at our gallery above and get in touch to see how we can tailor a 360 photo tour to your needs.

How much is it?

The price of a 360 photo panorama tour varies depending on the features you want to include and how many panoramas you need in a tour. However a basic tour can cost just £180 for the first two panoramas and £120 for each additional panorama. If you want to get a detailed quote just fill in the from on the right of the page and one of our team will get back to you with a hand tailored proposal.



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